Silent Auction Consulting

Silent auctions are a staple of many fundraising events in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas.  These types of auctions go hand in hand with many other types of events (Breakfasts, Carnivals and Dinners to name a few) that bring it a great revenue stream for your organization.  If you currently have a silent auction here are a few questions to ask yourself:


  1. How long have you done your silent auction?
  2. Has your silent auction increased, decreased or remained the same over the last few years?
  3. Does your silent auction take a lot of man power that burns out volunteers and staff?


If your answers to these questions make you wonder if you have the most profitable and efficiency silent auction possible then take advantage of our FREE Silent Auction evaluation!


The free evaluation starts with us attending and watching the silent auction process in a discreet manner.  After the event we meet with your team and provide a written report that provides a point by point review providing specific feedback on how to improve your silent auction and your bottom line.

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